Machine wash shoes.

ART. 6510

Shoe-cleaning machine

The shoe cleaner is a device that quickly eliminates mud and dirt from shoes and boots with perfect results. Find application in sports, construction and agriculture.
The careful design of the spray system, equipped with four functional jets of water crossed with adjustable angle, allows to attack mud and dirt uniformly and on the entire surface of the sole.
The cleaning operation is completed thanks to the particularity of the four brushes provided, the two lower ones, with shorter and stiffer bristles to remove completely mud and dirt from the sole and the two laterals, with longer and softer bristles to clean without damaging the upper of the shoe or boot.
The four brushes have a long life, as they are made of nylon bristles and plastic support.
The shoe is equipped with an ergonomically shaped hand rest and fixed to the structure that allows the user an easy and safe grip, moreover the structure is equipped with four holes for fixing to the ground.
It is advisable to place the shoe cleaner near a grid with water drain.

shell in boxed sheet steel, thickness mm.2, support group brushes lower sheet steel bent thickness mm.2, support group spray laminate steel plate thickness mm.3, support shaped removable hand rails in tubular steel diameter mm.25 thickness mm.1,2. Powder coating for exterior, green, this product is free of lead and reflects the current environmental pollution regulations. The shoe is equipped with N ° 2 side brushes, with dimensions mm.250x100, nylon bristles, plastic brush holder and N ° 2 brushes lower, with dimensions mm.150x50, nylon bristles, plastic brush holder.
Spray unit with four jets of water with adjustable angle, galvanized steel components. Supplied with steel band for connecting a 15x21mm pipe (not supplied) to the water supply.
The shoe rack is accompanied by an assembly booklet. Weight of the shoe-cleaner Kg.9,5