Motor spray line marker, made in steel painted, with 3 wheels.

ART. 6436

Field marker trolley with spray motor, for non-toxic liquid paints to be diluted in water, for lawns, consisting of: shell in tubular steel painted with polyester powders, blue white color, this product is lead-free and reflects the current environmental anti-pollution legislation; equipped with three pneumatic wheels diameter mm.260; motor pump unit with 2-stroke petrol engine, displacement 50.2 cm3, EURO 1 standard, power 1.6 KW, engine rpm 2500, engine max rpm 5500, float carburettor, petrol tank capacity 1100 cm3, mixture used, "unleaded petrol + oil, engine noise; LpA ISO 6081 88 dB (A), LwA EN ISO 3744 - 102 dB standard 2000/14 / EC; diaphragm pump driven by the internal combustion engine with maximum operating pressure 20 bar, with flow rate at maximum pressure Lt / min 18; paint tank in polyethylene, with capacity Lt. 23, spray unit with brass jet adjustable in height, side marking unit adjustable from 0 to 20 cm, in galvanized steel . Weight of the empty trolley Kg. 30