Cookie policy

0. What are cookies
The website uses cookies to make its services simple and efficient for the users who view its pages. Cookies are small text files that sites visited by users send to their terminals, where data are stored in order to be retransmitted to the same sites on subsequent visits. Cookies can have different purposes, have different characteristics, and can be used either by the owner of the site you are visiting or by third parties. There are various types of cookies, depending on their characteristics and functions.

1. Technical cookies
This type of cookie allows certain sections of the site to function correctly. Technical cookies are of two categories
- persistent: once the browser is closed, they are not destroyed but remain stored until a preset expiry date;
- session: they are destroyed each time the browser is closed.

These cookies are necessary to correctly display the site and in relation to the technical services offered, they will therefore always be used and sent unless the user changes the settings in their browser. These cookies do not require explicit consent for their use.

They are also considered technical cookies:
- "analytics cookies" if they are used directly by the site operator to collect information in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site;
- navigation or session cookies (necessary for authentication);
- functionality cookies that improve the user's browsing experience.

2. Profiling cookies
This type of cookie is designed to create profiles relating to the user and used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user when browsing the web. In this case, the user's prior consent is required. Profiling cookies can be of two types:
- first-party cookies: cookies installed directly by Vivisport Srl;
- third-party cookies: cookies installed by parties other than Vivisport Srl.

3. Third-party cookies
Third party cookies, i.e. cookies related to sites or web servers different from, are used for purposes specific to said third parties. It should be noted that these third parties, listed below with the relevant links to their privacy policies, are typically autonomous data controllers of the data collected through the cookies they serve; therefore, reference should be made to their personal data processing policies, disclosures and consent forms.

As regards third parties that send cookies through the site, we have provided links to their respective privacy policies: these third parties are responsible for providing the information and collecting your consent.

This responsibility applies not only to cookies that the third parties send directly, but also to any additional cookies that are sent through the site by virtue of the use of services that the third parties themselves use. Vivisport Srl has no control over such cookies sent by service providers of the above mentioned third parties and does not know their characteristics or purposes.

4. Cookies used by the site
This site uses both technical and third-party profiling cookies.
Here is a list of profiling cookies with links to information and how to exercise consent:

- Google analytics: uses analytics cookies in order to assess the performance of the site and the traffic on it.
- Link to privacy policy:;
- Link to page describing installed cookies:;
- Link to download page for the tool to disable the installation of such cookies:

Cookie Storage Description
_ga 24 months Used by Google to distinguish users
_gid 24 hours Used by Google to distinguish and manage users
_gat 1 minute Used to optimise data traffic

Altri cookies possibili:

Cookie Storage Description
_utma 2 years from the time it is set or updated Used by Google to distinguish users and sessions
_utmt 10 minutes Used to optimise data traffic
_utmb 30 minutes from the time it is set or updated updated Used by Google to distinguish new visits/sessions
_utmc Session Used by Google to distinguish new visits/sessions together with _utmb
_utmz 6 months after being set or updated Stores the user's home site or in general how a particular site is reached
_utmv 2 years from the time it is set or updated Used to store user behaviour data
gac<property-id> 90 days Contains information about user campaigns
AMP_TOKEN 30 seconds to 1 year Contains a token that can be used to obtain a client id from an AMP Client ID service
_gcl_au 3 months Used by google AdSense to test the efficiency of campaigns
test_cookie 1 day Used to test whether the user's browser supports cookies

It is possible to block or delete (in whole or in part) technical and functionality cookies through specific Browser functions. Such action, however, could compromise the success of your browsing.

For more information on how to set preferences on the use of cookies through your Browser, please refer to the relevant instructions:

Internet Explorer:
Safari (dispositivi mobili):

To disable third-party cookies you can also use Your Online Choices, a web service run by the non-profit European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) that provides information on behavioural advertising based on profiling cookies and allows users to easily oppose (opt-out) their installation. By deleting all Cookies from your browser or removing them through services such as Your Online Choices these, if third party, will be inhibited generally, not just within the perimeter of this site.

5. Use of data collected from active cookies on this site
The use of data derived from cookies by Vivisport Srl, P.IVA 03419990266, with registered office in Via Piave 43, 31016 - Cordignano (TV), owner of this site, refers to what is described in the Privacy Policy accessible from this link.

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